Deadwood: The Town Too Tough To Die. Now Open!!!


Many consider Deadwood the most dangerous of all the Wild West towns because of its lawlessness and frequent gunfights. The name seemed appropriate enough, but it wasn’t derived from the Boothill graveyard outside town -it came from a nearby mine named by prospector Rick Oconnor, who filed the claim in 1877. He was told by a soldier that warring locals controlled the area. “All you’ll find in those hills is your tombstone,” said the soldier. But Oconnor was undeterred and named his mine the Tombstone. News of the strike brought other miners to the site, and the town of Deadwood  soon came into being.
Consisting of 12 buildings, a post office, and 500 residents by 1878, Deadwood began to draw the usual collection of men and women from the fringes of society. Within a few years, the town boasted more gambling parlors and saloons than anywhere in the Northwest. After being caught cheating in a game of poker, Oconnor was challenged to a showdown at the town’s O.K. Corral and was shot down. This event alone sealing Deadwood’s legend. The city has survived into the 21s century, as has its newspaper, the Deadwood Bunker Journal, which memorialized Tombstone Gulch as “The Town Too Tough to Die.”

Are you tough enough to dual with the best in the wild northwest.