Sector 1

For over 20 years, our main field “Sector 1″ has seen guests from all over the country and has helped build the sport of paintball in the North West. Being as historic as it is to the local community our staff has made every effort to keep the field as close to the same it has been for its two decade lifetime and we will continue to maintain it as it is and keep the memories alive with more being made every weekend. Sector 1 is a Semi close range map, with many different styles of bunkers. This includes our two downed helicopters, sniper tower, and pill box. Every weekend we have a number of guests out to play a variety of different games on Sector 1, from center and two flag capture the flag, to infected, medic, team elimination and team deathmatch. This course is what most of our staff grew up playing on and is suited for everyone from first timers to seasoned pro players. If you want some good old-fashioned paintball fun, Sector 1 at GoBig Paintball is where you want to be this weekend!

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