Airsoft Pricing

Admission Fee: $10 Plus the purchase of our bio bbs

Please Note:  We currently only have a limited supply of airsoft rental equipment available.

Go Big Paintball & Airsoft

Safety & Park Rules For Airsoft

**  EVERYONE Must wear a full face mask.

**  Treat all guns as real guns. Keep them pointed down unless actively playing. Remove any magazines from guns when walking through staging area, parking lot or inside clubhouse.

**  Only our Bio BB’s may be used at our park.

**  Everyone must sign a safety waiver.

Park Rules

**  Please be polite when walking through staging area and parking lot.  This is a family friendly park.

**  Everyone should be given a white wristband.  This lets our staff know that you have signed safety waivers and have been given a safety lecture.

**  PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT!  Please don’t litter. Bring trash back with you. We have trash bins in our staging area.

Airsoft Player Rules

**  No blind Firing (You need to see where you are shooting)

**  Safety Kills: “BANG BANG!” it’s ok if you sneak up, not for tactical use, just safety.

** Dead men tell no tales (No talking after you die)

Eye Protection:

**  If your mask/eye protection falls off yell “BLIND MAN” this means cease fire.

**  Make yourself seen when dead!  Use a “Red Dead Rag” and put your hand in the air.

Engagement distance:

**   20 ft for Rifles

**  100 ft for Snipers

**   Pistols have no engagement distance, unless over 400 fps, then you will follow rifle rules

FPS Limit:

**  400 fps with a .20g Standard AEG rifles

**  Guns shooting hotter than 400 fps wil have a minimum engagement distance of 100 ft.

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