Go Big Pee Wee Paintball – Everyone can now GO BIG!

Kids Paintball is safe and fun thru our Go Big Pee Wee Paintball program.


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Our Pee Wee Paintball experience is a new way to enjoy the game of paintball and is recommended for guests aged 5 to 9 years old.  Pee Wee Paintball is low impact, which means the balls go slower, are smaller in size, and instead of the slight sting felt by regular paintballs, with pee wee paintball you hardly feel a thing. speedball-fields1With the introduction of the JT SplatMaster markers,  we now offer private paintball parties for younger kids while insuring parents that it is safe and pain free but yet still giving our guests that real live paintball experience.


Low impact paintball is:


  • 17% Slower Speed compared to regular paintball
  • 27% Smaller Paintball compared to normal size paintballs
  • 67% Less Energy at Impact compared to regular paintball
  • 100% Perfect for Parties


Our Pee Wee paintball program is a great way to introduce a kids paintball game to both young and older players to the sport of paintball at a beginner level.


Our Pee Wee paintball program is a little different than the standard paintball games that we offer.  It’s a mix of high paced action, fun, and a great learning experience for any young kid that wants to play paintball. The day’s events will be split up into two major sections:

Pee Wee Party Game Format



Before any games are played, all players will go through a detailed safety instruction lesson. This lecture usually only lasts about 5-7 minutes depending on how cooperative the players are in keeping attentive.

Players will be taught how to correctly use the markers (guns) and shown how to tighten their masks properly.

This is integral to any pee wee party because safety is always the number one priority in paintball.


Game Format


All games that will be played in the day will be played twice, back to back, with teams switching sides in between games. This is so both teams get a try of each side of the field in each game type. Games will be 5 minutes long, with a 5 minute break to grab water, paint, and just take a little breather before starting the next 5 minute game.

After the safety meeting, players will be brought to the field of their choosing by their party host (referee)

The first game played will almost always be team deathmatch! TDM is usually a warm-up game to get players used to playing the field.

After this game, the ref will let the players choose what games they want to play next! There’s a giant selection of games to choose from and the ref will explain each one before it’s played.

JT Splatmaster Safety

Low impact paintball provides less of an impact/sting when it hits. This means that people who normally couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to play paintball, end up picking up the gun and going to town!

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Our spots fill up fast, so be sure to register your spot today! Click here!

Our Low Impact Pee Wee paintball games are designed for groups of 8 people or more. The price is $35 per player and includes the low impact gun, mask, and 100 paintballs per player.